• Why are bug detectors needed?

  • Now more and more people are starting to use special devices to detect hidden cameras and other devices. And today we will talk in more detail about such devices.


    That is called a bug detector. They are able to identify many devices that can interfere or disturb you.

    Hidden Camera Detector is a portable device that you can easily carry anywhere, such as an office, sauna, hotel, dressing room, etc. With this device, you will be sure that no one will follow you. If you use it correctly, it will detect any hidden camera, even a professionally installed one embedded in everyday objects like paintings, pens, etc.


    ​​​​​​​Where is the spy camera located?

    Every hidden camera has a lens. The principle of operation of the device is to detect reflections reflected by the lenses of hidden cameras. The hidden camera detector emits a powerful red spectrum of light, and as soon as the emitted flux hits the camera lens, it will be reflected towards the camera detector lens, and you will see a specific flash that is difficult to confuse with anything else.

    Main Features of Hidden Camera Detector

    • Search for any camera lens at a distance of 5-20 meters. Conventional camera detectors work at a distance of 2-8 meters. The extended detection range of this model is due to the use of ultra-bright red spectrum emitters (280 Cd) in the design, due to which the detection range is increased by 2.5 times compared to analog devices.
    • Increased service life. Since current-limiting resistors are used, the backlight LEDs will not be damaged quickly and the light emitters will be in good condition for many years.
    • 5 operating modes (adjustable flash frequency). When searching, keep in mind that the search result is highly dependent on ambient lighting.
    • For this reason, you must be able to adjust the flash intermittency so that your eyes can effectively detect the light reflected by the hidden camera lens. In dark rooms, it is recommended to adjust the minimum flash rate; in bright rooms, on the contrary, use the maximum. Switching between different modes is carried out using the ON / OFF button on the back of the device.
    • Additional subsystem for searching for hidden cameras in the near field. There are 4 green LEDs on the front panel of the video camera detector. These LEDs serve as additional illumination and allow you to more effectively detect hidden cameras in close proximity. This feature is unique.
    • Battery indication and thermal overload protection. The battery level is indicated by a series of illuminated LEDs on the back of the device. Thus, you will always know when you need to recharge the built-in battery. During charging, the battery is protected by built-in circuitry to limit overcharging and increase battery life.


    Now you know everything about the detectors that will protect you and will not allow you to penetrate into your personal life.